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Exposure to Covid19 & Family.

Exposure to Covid19

Exposure to Covid19 and Family. Making the decision to work in an environment where you are exposed to Covid19 or to stay home to keep your family safe. It is something many Americans are dealing with today.

About two weeks ago, I made the decision to go back to work in the healthcare industry. After all, it is what I have done for the past 20 years. Well, I’m going to share my personal experience, one that will stay with me forever.

Living with Covid19

To describe the feelings of staff, patients, and visitors, the word is FEAR. It’s an unspoken feeling, but one that could be seen in their eyes. Most staff had already had the Corona Virus. It had spread throughout the company (and their families) in the past few months. But that did not stop them from returning and continuing to work on the front lines.

I would say the physicians were calm, as if the first blows of a hurricane had passed. Now they were in the eye of the hurricane, just waiting for the next blow.

Exposure to Covid19

As a healthcare administrator, I sat down with each staff member to gather information to facilitate office processes and workflows. Inevitably every few minutes, the topic of their experiences with the virus would come up again. How did I survive Covid19?

Each story was different and its symptoms varied. But, they all had one thing in common: they took the disease home. The virus affected all of their families, their parents, children, brothers and sisters. Some still suffered the consequences of the virus, their sense of smell or taste had just returned. And yet they went back to work, they had to.

As the days went by, the stories became real patients infected with Covid19. It seemed like I had to make a decision… for my family.

Am I staying to face the inevitable Exposure to Covid19? Or do I choose to stay home and protect my family?

That decision could not be made alone, we had to make it as a Family.

We consulted with several doctors. They revealed that some of my family members had high-risk conditions. They had a low probability of survival if they were infected with Covid19, the decision was clear. I had to resign.

We all want companies to reopen and the economy to grow again. But we have to realize that it is a personal decision to be Exposed to Covid19. A decision that you should make with your family in mind.

Thank you.

From the Editor.

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