About Us


Dear businessmen, citizens of Miami and visitors to this beautiful city,

Miami City Directory is a family business founded in the heart of Miami. That said, we wanted to celebrate our city by creating fantastic platforms where companies can advertise; where families can find services; a business network to communicate with each other; a magazine with articles covering our city; website creation services for businesses and finally a search engine exclusive to Miami. Our community is vibrant and that is reflected in their business, it is demonstrated in their art and that is the Miami we have to share ...

Why be part of the experience of Miami City Directory?

Due to our incredible Five (5) Platforms : Miami City | Directory; Miami City | The Magazine; Miami City HUB or MiamiHUB; Miami City | Websites and soon Miami City | Search Each of them providing different communication doors.

Miami City | Directory It's a perfect Online Directory . Businesses can post all kinds of information about their company. From photos, videos, and events to listing jobs, creating a company blog and other functions. All kinds of services can be published through this platform: plumbers, electricians, restaurants, banks, car dealers, accountants. Miami City | Directory is a window to Miami providing the best local guide for residents and those who visit this beautiful city where you can find any local company or service, based on the industry you are looking for, in a matter of seconds

Miami City | The Magazine Coming Soon, February 2020! It is dedicated exclusively to Miami companies and what happens in their community. Our magazine will have fun articles to showcase our beautiful city and our people and, of course, companies will showcase their numerous services and discounts. Our articles will direct and encourage customers to the companies that appear in our magazine and on Miami City | Directory. There will be sections to feature Companies with Higher Rating; Most popular companies; New companies listed in the Directory this month and much more. We pride ourselves in having a magazine where ALL pages and ads are FULL COLOR, regardless of the size of the ad or your budget. Ad prices are incomparable and accessible to small businesses and people who work on their own. By adding an advertisement in The Magazine, your company will automatically be included in Miami City Directory, our cyber directory of Miami companies which gives you a greater presence in the community.

Miami City Hub or MiamiHUB is a Business Social Network where Miami business owners can communicate with each other and with potential clients. You can add articles that describe your business history and future efforts. Create advertising campaigns, upload videos and business images and, most importantly, receive instant feedback from your consumers. Anything that you post on MiamiHUB can be automatically posted on other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. This platform is essential to maintain constant communication with the community and to meet people who can help you in your business success.

Miami City | Websites Miami City | Websites: We work in conjunction with Interlink Systems, Inc., a company with more than 10 years of experience, to offer Website Design and Hosting services at a reduced cost. Interlink Systems, Inc. offers reliable web hosting services in various locations worldwide; (3) three class A data centers in the United States of America, in England and in Australia. Each of the hosting packages is loaded with free value-added tools, which can save you a lot of money. Through Interlink Systems we also offer low price domain name registration and transfer services: you can choose from the most popular top-level universal domains such as .COM Miami City | Websites has hundreds of website templates at your fingertips for all types of business, with designers visiting your business to you build your website together.

Miami City Search or MiamiSEARCH Coming Soon, Febrero 2020! It is an ambitious project that will be live at the beginning of the new year, open to everyone worldwide and at the same time EXCLUSIVE of Miami. It is a Search Engine where its unique criteria is "Miami" (Miami-Dade area), which means that the results of any search will deliver information collected from the Internet that contains "Miami" or Miami-Dade areas in their database. For example: if you are looking for a pet gromming place, type in the Miami search window "dog grooming, dog haircut, puppy", etc. and the results will only bring pet grooming businesses in the Miami area, avoiding the long list of websites and businesses that cannot serve you. The same will happen with any search, the answers will be exclusive to our city of Miami, providing customers and businesses with closer and faster communication. If your company is registered in Miami City | Directory it will immediately direct customers to your business account where they can see your photos, videos and more information than in a regular internet search.

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